Thursday, 26 March 2009

Part 2...........

Overcoming the power of ideological anchoring is done by recognising the assumption embedded in it and facing the problems inherent in it.

I am using the following quote from Angela Carter in order to help us reflect on our own life fictions............

`I can date to that time and to that sense of heightened awareness of the society around me in the summer of 1968, my own questioning of the nature of my reality as a woman. How that social fiction of my `femininity` was created, by means outside my control, and palmed off on me as the real thing`( Angela Carter).

I have also used the above quotation to illustrate that Carter had adopted an idology that she assumes to be a truth. It is also clear that she resented it later on by her use of the words, `palmed off on me, and by the fact that it was an unconscious process over which she had no control. In my dissertation which I am going to present to you intact I would suggest that it is this unconscious process which she attempts to reveal in her work.

The quotation reveals that Angela Carter recognises that the `reality` of herself as a woman has been defined for her, and imposed on her by a society sustained by the false consciousness of a patriarchal order of consciousness. Such a concept is a valid one, but this fiece blaze of recognition which is reflected in her work as a writer has has its attendant dangers, for in shining her storytellers light on the monster which has seduced her into non-being, it also shows that she no longer confers power on the old order, vis a vis stories she had been told. The ideology of patriarchal consciousness underlying the traditional fairy tale has been, in part, responsible for the enormity of repression which has kept women in the dark and is a Pandora box which resides in every woman.

While my dissertation was focused on challenging and exploring the boundaries of accepted social and cultural paradigms in relation to women, yet challenging ideological assumptions embedded in our society and our own worldview is a task which can benefit everone, men and women alike.

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